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About Us
Scotland’s first indoor inflatable theme park for all the family!

Innoflate is the first park of its sort in Scotland – so please book in advance to avoid disappointment.

We hope you are as excited as us for the next generation in inflatables. Family leisure activities have never been so thrilling. We have taken the best in inflatable activities and joined them together so you can bounce between everything. Do you want to know the best part – it’s not just for kids, although if you feel you need an excuse to come along what better an excuse than the kids. A proper family day out.
We will be rolling out a variety of classes offering the best bounce experience in Scotland. Anyone can enjoy our park; all abilities, shapes and sizes – we have something for everyone. As part of our classes and sessions we will offer fitness classes, adult only sessions, relaxed sessions for disabilities and Inno tots (just for the little ones).
Our arena has a dedicated area for under 4’s so you big kids and adults don’t get in the way of their fun! The area boasts a huge variety of inflatable activities for all to enjoy, including Inno-wall (climbing wall), Inno-race (2 lane assault course), Inno- slide (giant slide), The Inno (obstacle course into slide), Inno-bash (biff bash bags), Inno-roulette (human roulette) and Inno-bubble (an extra bouncy bed). Why not go to our park activities page to read more about these attractions or our classes page to see what suits you.
We put the bounce in to all your parties with our birthday party packages, group events, corporate team building days or we can tailor the package for you and your needs.

What do our customers say about us?

We can’t wait for Innoflate to open, looks so much fun and something we can all do as a family. Exciting to have Scotland’s First Inflatable park here in Aberdeen.
~ John Sim