Fun for everyone!

We’re the first inflatable park in Scotland right? It’s a bit daunting – what do we have, how does it work? Don’t worry we’re new to this too but the good thing is we’re not new to leisure. Take a look at the fab new activities we’ve incorporated for you!


Inno-Wall is the parks inflatable climbing wall for all ages to enjoy. The wall is one of the highest parts of the park and is only second highest to the huge inflatable 7 metre high slide. The wall spans around 3 walls and can have 12 participants at any one time given its size. Climbing the wall provides a great corporate or team building exercise within the park.

Inno-Wall is our tricky inflatable climbing wall. Soaring high into the eaves of the building and wrapping round 3 walls, it will take nerves of steel to climb all the way to the top. Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?


Inno-Race is our 2 lane assault course which will be a great feature in fitness as well as forming part of the main attraction to leisure bouncers. Encouraging the racing of friend, strangers and colleagues to see who can get round the course the quickest. Opponents will have to climb through holes, over obstacles, have fast footwork to jump through the ring, hold on tight and cross the swing rope, bash through the soft ball biff bash post, and still have the stamina to climb over the final wall and finish off by climbing the stairs to the slide and sliding over the finish line. The attraction really will enable us to hit the health and fitness market very well and we will have trained individuals hosting these classes. A truly unique and fun concept in fitness and corporate building.

Inno-Race is a 2 lane assault course, where you can race your friends, or even a complete stranger for the title of champion! But you need to be agile to climb through the holes, over obstacles, have fast footwork through the rings, hold on tight to cross the rope swing, be the first to get through the biff bash posts and still have the strength left to get over the final wall, before climbing up the steps to slide down across the finish line! Only the fastest and fittest will take the crown.


Inno-Bubbles is a raised part of the main inflatable bed spanning 4m x 4m. The bed rises and there is a bubble feature which means that part of the bed is extra bouncy. The bed looks like a series of bubbles joined together. These pillows of air will enable bouncers to get the edge and height to their bounce.

Inno-Bubbles is our fantastically fun extra bouncy ‘bubbles’. Right in the middle of the arena you will find these extra bouncy pillows to bounce around on and see who can bounce the highest! Be warned, it’s super fun for all!


Inno-Drop is the 7 metre dual lane slide which is the highest point in the park. Perfect for participants to race their opponents to the bottom.

Inno-Drop is our giant slide, suitable for all ages, that after the climb up to the top, will end with you in a sea of balls, in Scotland’s largest ball pool!


Inno-Bag is the air bag within the park. Another raised part of the park which is extra bouncy. Similar to those seen in play gardens but with a twist. Climb to the top of the slide and make your choice – slide down the slide or just jump in to the airbag and leave your fears behind you.


Inno-Hoops will allow you to practise your basketball shot – shoot from as far or near as you like. These inflatable hoop nets are not like the real thing they will make it extra hard to conquer them.

With Inno-Hoops practice your basketball shots. Shoot from distance or bounce high for a rebound. Great fun for all abilities.


Inno-Bash is a series of air-filled biff bash posts that will have everyone chasing through them when exploring but will also pose as a great hiding place should you need to as part of one of our arena games.

Inno-Bash is a series of air filled biff bash posts, that you will have fun chasing through and hiding in whilst exploring the whole Innoflate arena.


Inno-tots is the dedicated toddler area which is open all the time. A special sensory designed area with detachable Velcro bumble bees, and ladybirds suitable for under 4s. It has its own slide, climbing, and ball pool. Completely segregated from the main arena allowing adult piece of mind for their children.

We’ve got a whole section of the arena just for our youngest bouncers. Our Under 4 zone comes complete with its own slide, own ball pool, things to climb on, things to climb under and of course lots of bouncy fun! And the best part? There are no big people to get in the way.

We hope to see you soon!